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For everyone who followed this series:

This started out as a-post-a-day project. But the ‘daily’ in Daily conversations during the lockdown has remained an elusive goal rather than an indication of frequency (since starting this series I’ve learnt about realistic timelines 😉). In a time when we are all social distancing, the stories I’ve collected for this series have allowed me to build new connections and revisit existing ones in a new light. In the process, from people living across its length and breadth, I’ve learnt a great deal about our country. Its stories have been full of surprises, full of reiterations of what I know, and have raised questions that I will continue to think about in the weeks and months (and perhaps even years?) ahead.

As I’ve gone through writing this series it has also prompted me to shift gears on my learning process, which had taken a different route and pace in the last year. So, bagging all the wonderful lessons of this small project, with this post it’s time to bring this series to a close. Going forward I’ll be posting updates on this site (check the updates page) when I come to know of new developments from those I’ve spoken to for the series. If I come across a great story (or if you know of one you’d like me to add to the series do get in touch😊) I’ll do a come-back act and add it here and on social media. But on the whole, it’s time to take a break from active ‘outward’ work and get back to the quiet ‘inward’ work of reading and learning to think.

As I end the series, I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to you. Your steadfast engagement through the past weeks has given me a new lease of confidence 🌺 A big big thank you and lots of love.


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