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Furore over the bare chested children of Vellalur

This piece was written in 2017 in response to a controversy around a ritual in Vellalur, Tamil Nadu, India. I believe its arguments stand true for the latest controversy regarding the rain ritual in Damoh, Madhya Pradesh, as well. Read the entire piece on Medium. Controversy is erupting over an annual ritual in Madhya Pradesh, India.

This time around as well, the media is reporting this 'superstitious' practice in exactly the same way it had covered Vellalur's dussera ritual in 2017.

Even as the details change, the media story remains the same. What is this pattern telling us?

Definitely not much about the traditions of Damoh and Vellalur.

Definitely a lot about the blinkers the media and most 'progressive' 'rationalist' Indians have on.


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